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Abstract Title: Protection of Critical Infrastructure and High-Risk Facilities. “Hardened or Penetrable?


Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson

CEO, Global Security Solutions, LLC, USA

Mr. Wilson founded Global Security Solutions, LLC (GSS) in 2012, an advanced security solutions consulting and technology company focused on high risks facility security domestically and internationally. Prior to starting GSS he joined G4S Wackenhut as Vice President of Special Operations in 2004 and designed, developed and implemented the current program utilized today by the U.S. government to conduct exercises for U.S. critical infrastructure facilities.

In 2004, Mr. Wilson formed a new division within G4S Wackenhut, Energy Consulting Services, to provide advanced solutions to a variety of different commercial industries, domestically and internationally. Mr. Wilson later became Vice President of Operations and, in 2007, held the position of President of the business unit, where he designed and initiated a strategic plan to transition the division into a true revenue and profit generating entity utilizing “lean” principles, delivering a 300% increase in EBITA in 24 months. This vision and subsequent company would ultimately become G4S RSS, Inc.

Luke Bencie
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