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Abstract title: The impact of­­­ Artificial Intelligence in Maritime Awareness – across commerce and government


The maritime environment creates many challenges for those who wish to regulate, finance, operate, secure and assist its actors. Sensors such as radar, optical and thermal imagery, vessel transponders, radio-spectrum analysis all provide unique signals for activity, and data from coastal, at-sea, aerial and satellite platforms the rise is data can be overwhelming.

Pioneering AI enables the automatic extraction of data, directs sensors, and then fuses that data to create smart information around maritime activity. Real-time analysis, triggered with pattern-of-life learnings, enable stakeholders to see the right data at the right time to take the right action.

Malcolm Glaister
Malcolm Glaister

CEO, SiriusInsight

Malcolm Glaister is the CEO of SiriusInsights, a maritime intelligence business based in the UK providing solutions for Government and Commerce. After an initial career in the Royal Navy (including a spell as the youngest Commanding Officer at the time), his commercial career included technology and operations in Finance where he as the Chief Operating Officer for JPMorgan International Bank in Europe, and founded a venture capital business with The Rt Hon Lord (David) Willetts, the UK’s Minister for Science and Technology. He founded SiriusInsight with Professor Mischa Dohler, of Kings College London, in 2016 to bring pioneering AI techniques to the maritime data domain. Mr Glaister is Trustee and ‘Elder Brother’ of Trinity House, the UK’s statuary body for safety of navigation and one of the UK’s largest Maritime Charities. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, and associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute.

Luke Bencie
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