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Abstract Title: Moving forward, safer and smarter


Hikvision adds a new level of visibility and intelligence to modern traffic systems, keeping everyone moving safely while helping authorities carry out optimal traffic planning and management through multidimensional perception, AI-powered edge computing, and data aggregation, association, and visualization in the back end.
This traffic solution has been fulfilled in many cities, for example in an ancient city Xi’an, with 3 million vehicles in the city, which causes serious congestion and accident. hikvision deployed. Comprehensive system solution consists of traffic violation, intelligent traffic signal control and integrated command and dispatching platform, which significantly Reduce traffic congestion and accident, improve driver behavior and the overall traffic flow efficiency
There are similar traffic headache happens in KSA, hikvision solution could help in this regard.

Kaster Zhang
Kaster Zhang

Senior Solution Director, Hikvision

Kaster Zhang, Senior Solution Director at Hikvision, responsible for city, traffic and transportation solutions in overseas markets. Zhang's latest achievements have been the results of his thorough understanding and deep insights into the vertical businesses, creating comprehensive, customer-centric solutions applicable by industry, scenario, and function.

Luke Bencie
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