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Abstract Title: Use of smart technology and artificial intelligence for crowd control management


Public gatherings are both tough and exhilarating because, although they hold the promise of massive success, they also pose the risk of attacks or foot traffic congestion. The solution is two words: crowd control, which is the art of efficiently monitoring, guiding, and managing huge groups of people.
Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have lately emerged with an automated type of crowd control. Smart crowd monitoring employs sophisticated technologies and strategies to control big crowds by detecting and eventually averting possible dangers, optimizing crowd movement, and shortening lines. Smart crowd monitoring systems improve safety while also lowering expenses and ensuring a great customer experience. They also provide event organizers with the ability to control and optimize traffic flow through diverse venues.
Installing smart cameras with facial recognition software to assist local authorities in identifying certain suspicious individuals, identifying abnormal or violent behavior, and alerting authorities to any suspicious activity by comparing real-time video data against stored data of "normal movements and expressions" is one of the key features of AI-enabled crowd management. Infrared cameras, on the other hand, track crowd densities and provide crucial information to event organizers, police officers and security guards in order to prevent harm and contain potentially dangerous situations.

Ioannis Pappas
Ioannis Pappas

Public Relation Consultant

Ioannis Pappas is an event management professional, subject matter expert in Visitor Operations & Crowd Safety Management with 15+ years of international working experience gained in the Olympic Games industry, Cultural Venues & Corporate Events. His portfolio includes 4 Olympic Games in Athens 2004, Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 performing senior managerial roles.

His experience includes:
• Development of operational strategies for Event/ Visitor services and Operations.
• Management of large number of staff and visitors and complex event/visitor services operations.
• Recruitment, coaching, mentoring and training for event/visitor services managerial staff.
• Training for volunteers and contractors.
• Safety, crowd management strategy and operations.
• Start to End visitor experience planning and operations.

Ioannis joined Saudi Aramco and King Abdul-Aziz Center for Word Culture (Ithra) on September 14th 2012 working for Operation Readiness Division as the Head of Visitor Services.

Luke Bencie
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