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Abstract title :Security digital transformation


Ghaidaa M. Al Kuhaili
Ghaidaa M. Al Kuhaili

Business System Analyst, Saudi Aramco

Ghaidaa is a Computer Scientists working with the Technology Solutions Division of Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Security Support Department. An experienced enthusiast leader in Digital Transformation, focused in the past three years to accelerate developing an effective digital strategy, and ensure a flourishing transformation for Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Security. Ghaidaa is extensively experienced in project management, Advanced Analytics, AI & Machine learning. Ghaidaa was granted patent by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office on April 2019. The patent provides a complete methodology to enable people to control their smart devices through eye gestures. Ghaidaa also has a research paper published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) in the International Conference on Informatics, Health & Technology (ICIHT). The research discovers and evaluate the performance of Support Vector Machine and Bayesian Network classification algorithms in predicting the survival status of patients who will undergo breast cancer surgery. Ghaidaa also has the skills to accommodate with fast-paced working environments, and manage leveraging acquired knowledge and skills to reach operational excellence, and motivates people to bring the best out of them.

Luke Bencie
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