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Strategic Session # 1


Fahad Al-Harbi
Fahad Al-Harbi

Superintendent, Abqaiq Area Loss Prevention Division, Saudi Aramco

Fahad Al-Harbi holds a Mechanical Engineering Bachelors from the University of Missouri with over 20 years of experience within Safety & Industrial Security.

Fahad’s started as a Loss Prevention project support engineer providing technical safety engineering consultations to numerous brown and green field projects throughout their design construction and commissioning phases. Through his involvement in projects, he played a key role in supporting growth and development on both Upstream and Downstream sides of business. Fahad was involved in the introduction grassroots facilities including Khursaniyah Gas Plant, Manifa Producing, Wasit Gas Plant and Shaybah NGL.

When he was appointed as a Supervisor of the Tanajib Area Producing and Pipelines Unit, Fahad oversaw Safety Management System implementation at various Saudi Aramco facilities and organizations. He was later promoted to a Loss Prevention superintendent position through which he continued to be active in driving organization safety performance. The Loss Prevention Divisions he covered include Tanajib Division, Ras Tanura Division and Abqaiq Division.

Fahad also under took several other leadership assignments such as a Maintenance Division Head in Ras Tanura Refinery, Area Loss Prevention Manager and Industrial Security Operations Manager at the Southern Area and the Western Region.

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